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Art has guided me to understand how greater employee satisfaction and collaborative teamwork can ultimately translate into higher business value for our organization. He uses practical and simple tools that really work. Thank you Art!

Julia Parisot

VP Client Services, LoSasso


STM On-Boarding prepares the new employee to fit into your company’s culture. Beginning with a thorough review of their own assessment and those of their teammates and managers, this proven process facilitates quick and successful new employee integration.

Performance Management

People leave managers not companies. STM’s individual assessment can be used to identify specific development objectives, diagnose areas for improvement and develop improvement solutions. Add to this expectations, and project assignments, and you have a highly relevant and actionable set of factors by which to organize formal and informal performance management.


Coaching propels CEOs, executives, sales people, managers, supervisors and professional staff  to the next level of success. This core STM service is based on self-awareness, self-development, and goal achievement. It will work for anyone committed to growth and achievement.


Studies show that staff turnover at professional levels costs approximately one year’s salary after factoring in sub-par performance and the impact on colleagues and clients. Retention is the result of accurate hiring, successful onboarding, timely coaching and, most important, performance management over time. As your ability to retain key employees improves, so will productivity and your bottom line.

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