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For over a decade you have assessed prospective employees, which gave me insights into how they would “fit” as part of The Chamber team. The proof of the worth of those assessments is clear when you see how many long-term employees are with The Chamber.

You took that to the next level when you assisted the board in recruiting a new CEO. Your efforts brought a candidate to their attention who might otherwise not have not gotten beyond initial screening. I recommend you without reservation to future clients.

Chip Morrison

CEO emeritus, Androscoggin Chamber of Commerce

Assess: Insuring the Candidate has the Right Stuff

We use three or more assessments that provide information on 89 distinct factors and compare favorably with a full psychological report.

First Stage: Will the job or promotion candidate fit in with new teammates, customers and vendors? Is the candidate motivated for this role? (please click highlighted reports for a sample)

Second Stage: Will the person actually perform this role successfully?

Now that you know your candidate meets the criteria, it’s time to invest in the interview (scroll down, please)…

Interviews: Planned & Thorough

We often have clients tell us, “I am glad you were not interviewing me, back when I applied for this job!” This is a comment about how deep and revealing our interviews can be. The power behind the interview is the information gained from the assessments including:

  • Pre-screening interview(s): to confirm fit to your culture. This assures we are considering top performers, not merely the best of the group.
  • Face-to-Face interview: to validate assessment results and your comfort with the candidates.
  • Second or Final Interview(s): to determine with certainty, who will be offered a position, if anyone.

Of course we perform detailed background and reference checks, which may result in additional interview questions.

…now you are ready to Hire.

Hiring: A Targeted Outcome

Once a candidate has been selected, STM’s system ensures a superior outcome.

  • The offer: We strongly recommend building your specific behavior and performance expectations right into the employment agreement.
  • Team prep: Explain to the existing team where the new hire fits in and the value they will add. We do the same for the new employee.
  • Prepare the supervisor to manage this valuable new player, because the number one cause of employee turnover is poor day-to-day management.
  • The end result: a team that’s prepared to support their new team member, a supervisor prepared to develop the full potential of this new employee, and superior engagement from everyone.

…national statistics suggest that Onboarding is a critical factor in keeping a new hire.

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