From Hire to Retire

Strategic Talent Management transforms your recruiting, hiring, coaching, training and succession processes, by enhancing employee engagement. This is the key to winning the war for talent. High performing employees develop more skills and embrace increasing responsibilities, making them the best candidates for promotion and handling challenging projects. With the right people working together, the bottom line improves. When leaders and managers are spending fewer hours addressing the fallout of disengagement and mediocre performance, they have the time to move the organization to the next level.

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You’ll learn:

  • 3 items to consider before scheduling a job interview,
  • 9 details to keep in mind before you interview a candidate,
  • 7 “red flags” to look for during  the interview
  • 7 key points to consider before you commit

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  • Strategic business review
  • People management system audit
  • Culture and management style assessment
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  • Partner & support your recruiting project
  • Formal benchmark & job description
  • Ideal candidate & behavioral advertisement
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  • Automated selection system
  • Knowledge transfer of STM systems & tools, or
  • Conduct assessments on your behalf
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  • Training for all phases of interviewing, or
  • STM conducts all but the final interviews
  • Support your final interview process
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  • Fact: 37% of new employees are lost within 30 days of hire
  • Communication and development review with the new hire, and
  • Regular check-ins with you and the new hire
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  • Coaching is our specialty
  • Take an individual to the next level of their career, or
  • Mentoring and training for a new assignment
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  • Recommend and deliver solutions for people related challenges
  • Diagnose individual and systemic performance issues
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  • Recommend and deliver solutions for retention issues
  • Diagnose management and system issues
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  • Succession is the future
  • Review organizational plans and the talent you require
  • Recruit new talent or develop internal talent to achieve your goals
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