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Organizations spend lots of money solving problems caused by a lack of soft skills among their leaders, managers, employees and new hires. STM provides solutions that accurately measure soft skills like attitudes, competencies, engagement & drive so you hire right the first time.

…and win the war for talent!

Armed with soft skills information about your people, measurable improvements can be made in recruiting, hiring, coaching, training and succession, Transforming Your Business into a High Profit Organization.


We are passionate about delivering solutions that solve specific challenges in recruiting, hiring, coaching, training and succession.


Learn to master our world-class assessments and apply them to the real world challenges of your organization and clients.


Become a Strategic Talent Management Partner and take your professional service to the next level.

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I have worked with Art over the past 25 years, and he has taught me how to leverage my own personal assets, as well as to identify employees that balance and complement my own strengths and weaknesses. He is a great listener, and he knows how to ‘read’ people. He helps me think about the human side of my business in a way that no other consultant has ever done, because he understands human performance and motivation so well. I am glad that I met Art. He has not only been a great advisor, but he has become a great friend, as well. Nancy Marshall, CEO

The PR Maven®, Nancy Marshall Communications

Art’s service and expertise have become an invaluable influence on my decision making, particularly with senior level hires, and as a development tool for existing staff. Stunningly perceptive and accurate insights. I’ve chosen to disbelieve Art’s assessment in the past at my own peril. I’ve never seen a tool as useful and insightful as this, and recommend it highly to anyone truly building an integrated team and a unified culture. Glenn Towle

Partner, Momentum Agency Management Advisors

We have worked with Strategic Talent Management for a number of years sourcing candidates, performing assessment and coaching our managers.  We share an excellent working relationship and value their advice and recommendations regarding personnel improvement and selection. Greg Farr

Senior Vice President, RollEase, Inc.

I have had the opportunity to work with Art on a number of occasions including staff development and recruitment.  He is always prepared and his insight is invaluable.  Art has become an incredible resource for us. Carl Sheline

General Manager, Center Street Dental

We can help you find the great job candidates, and skip the rest:


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